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Quality Department


Engineering Department:

- Our head of Engineering has over 22 years of experience in the aerospace industry.

- Satellite Tool support team has 34 years.

- Our engineers have hands on manufacturing experience.

- Satellite Tool uses a computerized system to create our programs and drawings.


       - Satellite Tool has a computerized gage calibration system.

       - CMM has large measurement capacity. PC-DMIS software with SPC capabilities

       - A large variety of gages, size blocks, calipers and micrometers

Inspection Department Tools:

BROWN & SHARP Global Status

       - 12.22.10 Dimension of CMM: X=50" Y=90" Z=39" 

BROWN & SHARP Global Image

       - 9158 Dimension of CMM: X=40" Y=92" Z=30"

BROWN & SHARP Global Advantage

       - 15.22.10 CMM: X=59" Y=87" Z=39"

Zeus 2000QCHP 0-80"

       - 0-2000mm High Accuracy Horizontal Setting Instrument

Fowler Trimos V+ 25"

       - PC-DMIS Software w/ Curves

       - Surfaces Capability

       - Data Page realtime software

       - SPC Capabilities

Computerized GageTrak system

Bore scope

Optical Comparator

Hardness Tester

STM also has a large variety of gages, size blocks, calipers indicators and micrometers.

The Satellite Tool Quality Policy:

Satellite Tool policy is to provide products and services which exceed the customers' requirements of delivery, quality and value.This is achieved through continuallly improving its process.